Help a Child – Support a Child in Need

children in uniform

Help a child smile

Living Word mission conducts sustainable interventions to help secure the future of vulnerable children in the community and our orphanage. We strongly synergize with individuals to put smiles on the faces of these children. You can join us to in any capacity to cover the various costs of these precious gems.

Find various ways to support a child below:

Education Needs

Help provide school materials, fees, levies, lesson costs, and transport.

Shelter & Beddings

Support a child sleep well by providing beddings such as bed covers, blankets, etc.

Clothe a child

Your support will help us provide provide clothings and footwear to a child.

Medical Needs

We work to ensure the healthy living of children, and you can help us improve our services

For more ways to support a child or impact the lives of vulnerable children and families, contact us.

Let’s impact communities and build safe environments for less-privileged children and other vulnerable individuals. Do you want to join us in this regard, we are open to opinions, strategies, and collaboration