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(PSALM 27:14)

The Bible often exhorts us to “wait on the Lord.” But what does that actually mean? Why should I wait on the Lord? And how do I even do that?

Waiting does not sit well in today’s culture of fast food, high-speed internet and quick fixes. It can seem a ridiculous notion to have to wait for anything. So what is the point of waiting on the Lord? Shouldn’t I instead be doing something – especially when I need an answer now?

We might think that waiting on the Lord is a passive exercise, where the greatest challenge is our impatience. But Scripture reveals several key insights that counter that mindset, and help us learn how to actively wait on the Lord.

How to Wait

We “wait on the Lord when we:

1. Have a confident trust that God has our best in His mind. 

The God Who gave His Son to die on the cross for us will also give us what we most need to live a life of victory – even amidst hardship (Romans 8:31-39). Our God is truly trustworthy – it is not something He occasionally does, it is Who He is!

Waiting on the Lord involves a confident expectation of a God- ordained result. This requires us to know God intimately, and to know His will and Word. What He says, He will do! But do we know Him so well, and daily walk with Him so closely, that we are assured He cares for us and is trustworthy?

This leads us to the next key to waiting on the Lord.

2. Seek Him and His Kingdom first.

As David exhorted us to wait on the Lord, he also said this: “When you said, ‘seek My face,’ my heart said to You, ‘Your face, Lord, I will seek” (Ps 27:8). God asks us to wait upon Him, putting all our hope and expectation upon Him. This is critical to understand! It is easy for our hearts to focus on our need, our pressures or our desired results, rather than upon the Lord  This is especially true in these days of false prosperity doctrines (2Tim 4:3,4), that sadly point to God as our cosmic Santa Claus rather than our Sovereign Lord and King.

There is a vast difference between seeking God’s hand [what He can do] and seeking His face [Who He is]. The Scriptures exhort us to crucify our fleshly desires (Gal 5:24), and to instead seek God and all of Who He is. When we do that, then He will provide all that we need.

Jesus said it this way: “But seek first the Kingdom of God (His present rule and reign in us and our circumstances) and His righteousness (right relationship with Him, and right order in our lives), and all these things shall be added to you” (Matt 6:33).

3. Havefaith in God and His 

As we wait on the Lord, it may seem that God is not seeing us, hearing us, or answering our prayers. There are things I have prayed about for years and, as I wait, I have at times felt the same. But be assured that God does see us, and hears us, and He cares for us!

We know that our prayers require faith in God and His Word. The Bible reveals that, “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God” (Rom 10:19). The Greek word translated as ‘word’ in this passage is rhema – which is a living, Holy Spirit quickened or activated word. This is not just claiming whatever promises we want – no! This instead requires us to ask the Lord what He wants to do, what His sovereign will is for a given situation, and then ask for that (1Jn 5:14,15).

It is true that God’s promises will never fail or be ineffective (Is 40:8; 55:10,11; 2Cor 1:20). But God is the One in charge of fulfilling His promises – in His time and in His way. Meantime, we can confidently wait on the Lord with faith in Him, seeking His face, knowing He is with us and for us as we surrender to Him in

trust (Rom 8:28,29).

We can learn to wait on the Lord! Through patient, courageous, active trusting – and seeking Him with faith-filled prayer – we can also receive the benefits and blessings released to us from our loving Father, even as He renews our strength and faith in Him.




The economy is in complete shambles, with more than half the population relying on international aid for survival. Last week, a massive earthquake near the border of Pakistan killed 11,000 people. The Taliban government continues brutal force against those opposing their rule, particularly Christians. Ministries continue to try and help, including smuggling in Bibles.

Please pray:

  • For Afghanis believers to remain hopeful and encouraged by the
  • For the spread of the Gospel, and the safety of the underground
  • That efforts to bring relief and smuggle Bibles would be
  • That international leaders, as well as the Afghani people, would arise and help bring peace and stability to the nation.


This country, along with Ethiopia and Somalia, are in the midst of devastating drought that has lasted 8 years. In Kenya alone, more than 4 million people are facing famine and starvation.

Please pray:

  • That God would release abundant rain, both in the natural and the spiritual realm.
  • For the people, and their livestock which provide their livelihoods, to be spared.
  • For the release of substantial aid to assist those regions most


The ministry is going into the second phase of the year!

Thankfully, it is time to commence the annual Fasting and Prayer activity that runs from July to December. We know grace is available. Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray for God’s full purposes to be released and received for all members of the organisation and staff alike.

 The children also, Pray for increased grace to abound to all that life and godliness has to offer in their own generation. Pray that provision would be made for them at all seasons in Jesus name. Pray for the community work that it would yield its expected results culminating into divine manifestation in Jesus name.



As we wait upon the Lord, our strength is renewed day by day (Is 40:31). Our waiting will also be a testimony to others as they see our faith (Ps 40:1-3). And ultimately, as we wait, we shall see Him when He comes again in great glory to take us home with Him (Heb 9:28).

Eagerly waiting on Him,

Marcus and Bimbo Williams, LIWOM Team