Orphanage – Our Orphanage in Nigeria

Welcome to Living Word Mission Orphanage, an arm of the organization that provides temporary acommodation to vulnerable children. The children home is one of the orphanages in Nigeria that offers serene environment and shelter-related services with well-trained caregivers and staffs. Our work in the shelter facilities focuses on giving less-privileged children the opportunity  to activate their skills and pursue their dreams with the assurance of protection against abuse.

What We Offer

Safe & Conducive Shelter

Our shelter facilities offer conducive and safe space for children.

Learning Opportunities

We believe education is important. Thus, our gems access diverse learning opportunities.

Psychosocial Support

We provide mental, social, emotional, and spiritual support to children for rehabilitation

Nutrition & Health Support

Children accessed holistic healthcare and nutrition services

Our Needs

The Living Word Mission Children Homes and Shelter Facilities provide support to over 80 children in two facilities. Hence, we’re often in need of supplies to meet the daily needs of these children. Below are some of our needs which enable us to deliver quality services to these children.

We are open to suggestions on effective ways to provide sustainable services to the children in our shelter faclities. You can donate, volunteer, or provide essential services towards the growth and development of orphans and vulnerable children.

Let’s impact communities and build safe environments for less-privileged children and other vulnerable individuals. Do you want to join us in this regard, we are open to opinions, strategies, and collaboration