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May 2021 Prayer Request


Jesus taught many wonderful and eternal truths that should mark the lives of all those who love Him. Included are two simple yet powerful revelations to His followers. He said, “you are the salt of the earth” and “you are the light of the world” (Matt 5:13,14).

Salt and light are common elements of life, so much so that we may not consider their unique and profound qualities. Yet, Jesus presents these as dynamic illustrations of the impact our lives can have on the people around us – when we recognize that He calls us to be instruments of His life, power, and purpose.



May prayer request

Salt has four qualities of note:

  1. Salt is a symbol of purity, and in Jesus’ time was a valuable item.
  2. Salt acts as a preservative.
  3. Salt enhances flavor and appeal in a way nothing else does.
  4. Salt can create thirst when you partake of it.


The world is quickly spiraling into moral and cultural chaos. This is not surprising as many Christian leaders and long-time churchgoers have succumbed to moral compromise and confusion about the unchanging directives of God’s Word, leading many astray.

We have been called to live a life of purity, which only comes from devotion to and time with Jesus and fidelity to His Word. His purity should permeate our minds, our conversations, and our very being. It should guide any actions we choose, and also our use of the resources He provides (1Pet 1:13-15). And as such, that purity will be an influence that God will use.



The decay and decline of culture and society today is not a new thing. Nor does it surprise God. For He has witnessed through the ages the self-inflicted consequences of mankind’s depravity and selfish rebellion against Him and His loving ways.

But as followers of Christ, we are called to be agents of preservation against the decay of sin. People need sound, moral leadership that speaks bold truth and stands for what is right in God’s eyes. This is not about rules and regulations, but representing well the teachings and convictions of Jesus Himself, and using our influence to establish righteousness whenever we have the opportunity (including in how we vote).



Most of the actions and behavior of lost people are a twisted, broken counterfeit of the real-life that Christ offers. Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

This includes eternal life, but it also means that the Giver of Life offers us an eternal quality of life while here on earth. This type of life is less about our circumstances, wealth, or health, and more about the love, peace, and grace of Jesus within us – and offered through us by the power of His Holy Spirit.



Salt creates thirst. People eventually grow weary of the painful and unfulfilling substitutes that sin provides. All people – of every tribe, tongue, and nation – were made for an authentic relationship with the One true God, and that desire remains whether acknowledged or not.

As followers of Jesus, our task (and our privilege) is to be so “salty” – so full of God’s Spirit and presence – that the people around us will thirst for the pure, living Water of Life (John 4:10; Rev 22:17).

Salt is of little use while sitting in the ‘shaker.’ So why not be poured out for God’s use and glory!



Jesus declared Himself to be THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (John 9:5). And by the power of His Spirit within us, we as His followers are also to be the light of the world (Matt 5:14).


Light is to be Seen

There is no such thing as a secret disciple! We are told to let our light shine and to do good works openly and with joy (Matt 5:16). Then, others will have more reason to glorify God!


Light is a Guide

As we live our lives led by God’s Spirit and in obedience to His Word, we provide a testimony of HIM WHO IS THE LIGHT.

We are a guide to lead others to Christ by telling others what Jesus has done for us, by serving others or doing the hard or sacrificial thing in Christ’s name without being asked. Ask the Lord for new ways to make you a guiding light that points others to Him (Matt. 25:31-46).


Light as a Warning

A lighthouse gives a warning of a dangerous, rocky shoreline. It is not there to ruin anyone’s fun or pass judgment. Rather, it stands to boldly warn of the potential of devastating destruction and loss of life ahead if the course is not changed.


Light is Reflected

Light does not naturally emanate from us. Rather, we are to be reflectors or conduits of the light and life of Jesus. He is seen in and through us by the presence of His Holy Spirit within us. Therefore, our lives, deeds, conversations – and how we spend our time, talent, and treasure – should be clean and pure, in order to better reflect glory back onto the One to Whom all glory belongs! (Phil 2:14-15)


In these dark days, we need the Holy Spirit of God to fill us and overflow us, to empower us to be bold witnesses and servants. May He fill our mouths and anoint our hands to be agents of life, healing, and deliverance.

People know when they have encountered more than mere religion or a nice person.” May they know that the One true God is real because they have seen Him, felt Him, been touched by Him, through one of His living disciples – and that means you!


Prayer Points


    • Chad, Central Africa: Longtime president, Idriss Deby, was assassinated by rebel forces. He had kept the peace for 30 years and was favorable toward Christians. Islamic terrorism creates much strife and tension in Central Africa and is rising in Chad.
    • India: Radical Hindu violence against Christians is escalating. More states in India are passing anti-conversion laws, legalizing persecution; the explosion of Covid cases.
    • Myanmar: Military officials who have taken over the government continue targeting innocent civilians via airstrikes. People are fleeing into India and Bangladesh, and suffering from a lack of basics like water, food, and medicine.
    • Nigeria: Insurgency, Banditry, and other criminal elements have caused much security unrest in certain parts of this country. Many families, communities, and lives have been adversely affected by the kidnapping, killings, and abduction taking place daily.
    • US & Canada: The principalities of the Jezebel spirit and the spirit of lawlessness, as well as demons of violence and lying spirits, have been loosed. Riots, protests, and tensions increase as governmental overreach and evil agendas are perpetuated. Even the church is divided, as Satan gloats.

Please pray for:

  • The true Church to arise in spiritual warfare, and to contend in prayer against the forces of darkness in these final days of Harvest.
  • Deception to be broken, and for blind eyes to be opened and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to Christ’s Body.
  • Forces of evil to be bound and removed by the sovereign power of God, and for confusion to be sown into the camps of the wicked.
  • Leadership to be raised up whose concern is for righteousness and the well-being of the people of these nations.
  • An outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon these nations, and for repentance and a turning from sin to begin in the churches and with the leadership.
  • Favor, protection, and wise boldness for genuine Christians, that they might share the Gospel in spite of the challenges.
  • The Lord will silence the tokens of liars and make diviners mad. Quench the efforts of the wicked and quicken the government of Nigeria to be able to respond to the violence going with a permanent security solution backed by God.


  1. LIWOM Prayer

Please continue to pray for the sustainability of LIWOM’s interest globally. Currently, we need funds to sustain efforts at our offices in Ekiti, Lagos, Ondo, and the FCT. This notwithstanding, the Ibadan office is doing well but needs funds to sustain staff monthly stipend. There have been unusual obstacles to these requests, and as we speak “grace to the mountain,” (Zech. 4:7) we are asking the Lord to make a “straight plain” for its successful sustainability. Will you agree with us in prayer? Amen!



We believe we are in the days spoken of by Daniel, “But the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits” (11:32). May you seek to know Him more, to be filled with His presence, and be bold to lift your voice and testify of Him who lives and works within you! The time is getting shorter, so let us be about the Father’s business, and find opportunities to serve others and see them brought to salvation.

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  1. Okoodion Sylvanus

    I wish to place a prayer request I’m watching the shiloh from my home,
    1-That the Lord paid all my debt
    2-I pray for wisdom and knowledge for my children In there education and affaire of life in Jesus name
    3-I pray that Jesus take more of my home more of me and give me more of him my home in Jesus name

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