December 2020 Prayer Request

December 2020 Prayer Request

The Bible records the final prophetic sign of Elisha (2Ki 13:14-19). As Elisha lay dying, he laid his hands on the hands of the King of Israel, together holding a bow to shoot an “arrow of the Lord’s deliverance” out the east window. It was a prophetic symbol of a coming victory over the oppression of Syria.

Then curiously, Elisha asked the king to strike the ground with his remaining arrows. But Elisha was angered when the king only struck the ground three times, instead of “five or six times” (vs 18-19). The king’s reluctance to keep striking meant his victory would only be partially secured.


From this account, we can gain insights into prayer and divine strategy. But I believe it also reveals to us a strong and prophetic exhortation for this very hour of history.

Though the US Presidential election has taken place, the outcome (as of this writing) is still not absolute. Regardless of who becomes the next President, it is still the responsibility of every believer in Jesus to KEEP CONTENDING in prayer for righteousness, and for God’s “Kingdom to come, and His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

While the truth is being hidden, it would be easy to feel discouraged or believe our prayers are not succeeding. But we must NOT stop striking the heavens with prayer – and we must not give up asking God to move!

The needs are as great as they have ever been in our world. Chaos, anarchy, hatred, anger, division, lies, violence – oh, how we need the righteousness, salvation, and power of Almighty God! We must contend for a visible, demonstrable, and uncontested visitation upon America and the rest of the world these days.



The Bible lays down a clear pathway to answered prayer that is worthy of a full study. But for now, let us look at a few critical principles.

  1. It all begins with entering into the eternal and divine presence of God – the Living God, the only God, who will hear and answer prayer. How do we come into His presence?
    • By the blood of Jesus Christ, the Son (Heb. 10:19-22). We have no merit, no rights, no way to obtain a hearing in the divine courts of a perfectly holy God apart from what Jesus has done for us at the Cross. But through Christ, we can enter boldly, with faith, and fully dependent on God (Heb. 4:14-16).
    • By the power, presence, and working of the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:26; Eph. 2:18; Jude 20). The Holy Spirit leads and enables us to pray in alignment with God’s will. When we run out of our own understanding, we have the gift of tongues, discerning of spirits, words of knowledge and wisdom – all of which we should use daily – to take our prayers into the supernatural realm where the battle actually rages (Eph. 6:10-18).
    • We come “boldly,” but humbly. We do not presume in arrogance or default to religious form and habits. Rather, we enter with true boldness, on our knees, yielding our will and surrendering our hearts (Ps 66:18; Jer. 29:13; Mk 11:25; Lk 22:39-45). This past season of pandemic, violence, and spiritual warfare has brought exhaustion and discouragement to some. But the answer is found in God’s presence! Waiting on Him for renewal and strengthening, His fresh hope to arise, and receiving His clear vision and passion again.
  2. Another key to answered prayer is “without ceasing” and “constant” (Acts 12:5; 1Thess 5:17); and even more so, “intense” and “earnest” (Luke 22:44). It is this intensely earnest prayer that God seeks and we see answered time and again in Scripture (also see Rom 15:30; Col 4:12-13). Please understand that we are not wrestling with a reluctant God! But we are laboring and contending against demonic forces and the “gates of hell” that are absolutely opposed to God’s will and God’s people (Eph. 6:12). Thus, an earnest and persistent prayer that is born of, and led and empowered by the Holy Spirit allows us to enforce and establish God’s Kingdom rule and will on earth! We have the authority of Jesus Christ, who stripped the demons of their power at the Cross (Col.2:14-15), to press back the darkness and bring to bear the King’s purposes – IF we will walk in and use His authority in prayer.
  3. Thirdly, there is power in united prayer. God delights in His people coming together in unity (Ps 133:1-3). It allows His anointing and blessing to flow! Prayer that is born of the Spirit, aligned with the mind of God (1Cor 2:10), and coming from believers who are united, fervent, and Spirit-filled is multiplied in its effectiveness. Jesus prayed for our unity (John 17) before the Holy Spirit was poured out on the 120 disciples they were united in prayer (Acts 1:14). This newly-born ‘church’ continued in revival as united in earnest prayer (Acts 2:42,43), overcame persecution (Acts 4:23-27), and expanded the Gospel to other nations (Acts 13:2-3).


As we enter this season to celebrate the coming of Jesus the foretold Messiah, remember it is by Him and for Him that we can and should pray with bold expectancy!


Our Family

Please continue to pray this month for the Body of Christ worldwide. Sadly, many of your brothers and sisters are even more vulnerable at Christmastime, as Christians become more of a target by their oppressors when they gather to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Pray For:

  • Safety and favor with governments, police, and neighborhoods as the Church gathers.
  • Repentance and conversion of terrorists and oppressors – that they may be turned from “Saul’s” to “Paul’s” for the sake of the Gospel.
  • Open doors and boldness for believers, that a Gospel witness and testimony will be raised in nations opposed to God.


The present state of LIWOM calls for increased prayers as the vast doors opening has many adversaries but our heart is fixed trusting in the Lord. Vulnerable children in our care present varied behavior that requires urgent intervention in Prayer. While many have come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus, others have developed interest and thrust for missionary, pastoral and evangelistic push. Yet, a minute few still have a defiant opinion about the help they are getting. One recently ran away to the street and some said it was because she couldn’t cope with the life of Christianity, others said she was too attached to the life on the street; either way it goes, she needs the saving grace of the Lord Jesus. The caregivers are not left out in this as the need for sustainable pay has increased greatly.

Pray For:

  • Safety and favor with governments, police, and neighborhoods as the work continues.
  • Repentance and conversion of children rescued from the street – that they may be turned from “Saul’s” to “Paul’s” for the sake of the Gospel.
  • Open doors and boldness for children and staff who are believers, that a Gospel witness and testimony will be raised in nations for God.
  • Pray that the Lord would show himself strong in the lives of the children daily as they go out and come in.
  • Pray against the street life that promises nothing other than hurt for children
  • Pray that the Lord will supply the needs of the mission daily
  • Pray that the Lord would shut the mouth of the enemy poised to hurt Living Word Mission and that like Egypt and Pharaoh, they won’t be seen anymore as they will be swallowed in their own sea.
  • We need increased volunteers that will support the work and that the Lord would raise His own to meet the ongoing challenges in Jesus’ name.
  • Leadership needs wisdom and guidance for daily operations, pray that the Lord would give this to us in Jesus’ name.
  • Pray that more opportunities would open for community projects that will favor the Lord’s cause in the organization.
  • The Xmas Party and Outreach hold 28th December 2020: we need increased support and collaboration to meet the required materials and resources for the party.

The United States of America

The world is watching the USA, perhaps unaware of the intense spiritual battle that is taking place in the name of government elections.

Please pray:

  • Continue the spiritual warfare against the demonic spirit of Jezebel and all her minions that have been unleased in these days.
  • That lying spirits and deception would be bound and exposed, both of demonic origin and of human evil (John 8:44; Rom 1:18; 2Cor 4:4).
  • For boldness for church leaders, that they would not accommodate or appease using the wisdom of this world (1Cor 1:18-25), but instead be bold to speak the whole counsel of God and the Truth (Jesus) in love and grace in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • That our God would pour out His Spirit upon the USA and bring revival to this land; that He would have mercy upon us, and allow another opportunity to truly fulfill all of the purposes for which this nation was raised up.



Often, when we least feel like praying is when we most need to pray – for when you sense the resistance of the enemy, it is because you are pressing him back! He will not prevail and must flee at the authority and name of Jesus!

So let us continue in our Father’s business, striking again and again in prayer, to gain complete victory in every situation and circumstance. Believe God’s Word, and act on what He has spoken. Come into His presence, be bold and humble to approach His throne, and know He will hear and grant our prayers according to His power and will.

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