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Living Word Mission

Living Word Mission (registered as La Vie Mot Global Mission), acronymned LIWOM, is one of the NGOs in Nigeria providing support to vulnerable children and families. Also, a Faith-Based and Non-Profit Organization founded by Pastor Marcus Williams in 1996 to respond to the need of providing an environment where children can achieve their dreams irrespective of culture, tribe, complexion, religion or family background.

For several years now, the organisation has held-up her part and strongly advocates for the Rights of the child, and household resilience. This is because in LIWOM, we believe every child is winner and has the right to be treated as one.

LIWOM is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC], Ministry of Women Affairs, Association of Orphan and Vulnerable Children NGOs in Nigeria [AONN], Association of Homes and Orphanages’ Operators in Nigeria [ASOHON], and many other partnering entities and agencies.

Through synergy and support from partners, Living Word Mission has provided several services to over 18,000 less-privileged children and over 4200 caregivers in both Oyo and Lagos states with interventions encompassing education, HIV Testing Services, Linkage to care, Household Economic Strengthening, Child & Legal Protection, Food security, among others.

We continue to contribute to the community via interventions to the less-privileged and capacity strengthening to Government agencies and other NGOs.


Secured future for every child in Nigeria


Holistic outreach to urban and rural communities for the total development of the child

History of Living Word Mission

Pastor Marcus Williams

The dream of one man became the passion of many.

Living Word Mission began in 1996 as a Missionary entity with the focus to:

  • Impart Godly virtues via education, and
  • Instil leadership skills in the lives of children.

At this time, families and children were reached via rural evangelism to communities such as Ayegun, a border town in Oyo State, Moshi in Kwarra state, and other rural communities in Oyo and Kwarra states.

Children had access to primary [basic] education at no cost in these communities. As time passed, parents and caregivers of some of these children demanded that they [their children] stay with these missionaries from where they can:

  • Concentrate in their studies,
  • Become sensitized on several areas of life, and
  • Learn morals

Some of them, via consent from their parents, were moved to Ibadan  to advance their studies into secondary schools.

This decision resulted in the organisation establishing and managing a shelter facility now known as LIWOM Mission Home.

The number sprung up geometrically over the years as children from several communities were brought to the facilities. Most of these children were referred to LIWOM by the Nigerian Police and the Child Welfare Department of the State Ministry of Women Affairs.

These children were brought on several grounds such as:

  • Death of a father or mother
  • Abandoned infants or child
  • Victims of child labour
  • Children in conflict with the law
  • Abused children
  • Victims of child trafficking
  • HIV infected and affected children, among others

In 2015, LIWOM expanded her base to Lagos where we implemented iCARE project funded by APIN Public Health Initiatives. Then in 2018, we expanded to two more states – Ekiti and Ondo – to implement projects on HIV Testing Services, whilst Lagos and Oyo State secured OVC projects as addition.

Currently, LIWOM operates in five states: Oyo, Lagos, Ekiti, Ondo, and Abuja. We implement projects in different fields as stated in our project page.

LIWOM has become a household name in most communities as a result of strategic interventios and humanitarian services to children and families

Core Values

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Living Word Mission has another name – La Vie Mot Global Mission. We are equally well-known as LIWOM which is the acronymn for Living Word Mission.

Our first name as organization was Living Word Mission. However, during registration, there was the need to change to La Vie Mot Global Mission as the former had been taken by another organization/

It is a French word translated as Living Word Mission in English.

We are not a church but a Faith-Based Organization (FBO) that seeks to improve lives and maintain moral standards in our communities and the society at large.

In addition to Corporate Affairs Commission registration, we are registered with several other bodies including AONN, ASOHON, LSACA, National Planning Commission, Ministry of Women Affairs, NACTAL, Child Protection Network, among others.

Let’s impact communities and build safe environments for less-privileged children and other vulnerable individuals. Do you want to join us in this regard, we are open to opinions, strategies, and collaboration